About Water and Energy Solutions

For a decade, Water and Energy Solutions has been offering turn-key conservation programs to our clients throughout the United States. WES has become known for our ability to reach the most outrageous of goals, while still providing exceptional customer service. Water and Energy Solutions has been, and will continue to be the go-to solution for utility companies, program administrators, civic leaders, and business owners alike. 

An example; In 2011, an Indiana utility company asked Water and Energy Solutions to recruit and install conservation equipment in over 4,500 multifamily homes in only four weeks. WES was able to successfully complete the entire project in only three weeks. 

At Water and Energy Solutions, our staff understands the need for people to feel comfortable with new technologies. We offer knowledgeable and trained technicians, and a 24-hour call center; which is staffed with representatives whom are trained to make sure all our clients understand the technical side of our products, but also the other benefits such as financial and environmental.

Water and Energy Solutions calls every customer within 48 hours of installation to ensure quality customer service.