We Can Do Better

Ten years ago the world marveled at a new technology that would forever change our lives.  No it wasn’t a new kind of vehicle or advancement in medicine; no I am talking about the Blackberry.  At that time, many people thought it was pretty spectacular. Now in 2014, I think we can all agree that change is a good thing and that we are doing better.                                                

Similarly, DSM Energy Programs need to be continually improving to meet the demands of today’s utility customers.  Here are some ideas of how to keep programs innovative going into 2014:

  • Education: Most customers are receptive to the idea of participating and Demand Side Management Programs. Yet wouldn’t we rather have the customer understand why the products and services that are being offered can improve their lives. We need to take the time to explain why the program is being offered and how it will help reduce their bills without changing the way they live. Taking this extra step will make for a happier customer but may also help in changing their behavior.
  • New Technologies: Programs need to include new technologies that will enhance the customers experience and increase participation. Smart thermostats, LED Lamps and numerous other products and services will help drive additional savings to utility programs and ensure that the customer will stay interested.
  • Marketing:  Program implementers need to think outside the box in their marketing and outreach. The way people communicate and receive their information has drastically changed over the last several years. Today’s marketing campaigns should include well thought out plans that include old and new media’s that will help increase participation.

Much like technologies from ten years ago, DSM programs need to stay fresh with new and creative ideas. Water and Energy Solution’s programs are always changing based on the specific needs of our clients and the times.

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