Innovative Technologies

Consider one of these items in your new conservation program.

Smart Thermostats 
Do smart thermostats save energy and money? The short answer is yes. More precisely, they save families an average of $300 to $400 a year on energy costs. According to Energy Star, an average household spends close to $2,200 a year on energy bills, half of which goes towards heating and cooling empty and unused spaces.

ECM Motors
ECM motors regulates itself by automatically changing its speed to maintain a preprogrammed level of constant airflow over a wide range of external pressures. It can boost the efficiency of older systems and is a great alternative to a new unit. 

Showerhead Adaptors
Many times people just don’t want to give up their showerhead. The look and feel of a showerhead can often make people hesitant to go with more efficient models. Not anymore. We offer an adaptor that restricts a showerheads flow without jeopardizing performance or how it looks and feels for the person.
Toilet Modification Kit          
Why go through the hassle of replacing toilets, when it is just the insides (guts) that need to be replaced. Our toilet modification technology detects leaks while reducing the toilet’s flow to a desired rate.